Shellyworld – Outback adventures 5th July 2021

Shellyworld – Outback adventures

comic outback adventures
comic outback adventures

This is called Shellyworld – Outback adventures. The story takes places in the outback town of Uluru Northern Territory and they find themselves in a bit of trouble in the local town.

The main characters in the story comic are Shelly aka that’s me and I joins Luke and Ciaran in the outback on an adventure. We were there on a holiday and enjoying ourselves. We then found we had left our essentials (food water and especially clothes) in the plane. We were extremely until we went to the nearest town – called Ghan. Little did we know this is on the Ghan railway route which is the railway from Adelaide to Darwin. 

They come into the town, and the sherrif thinks they’re robbers, trying to steal from the town. The trio now needs to escape the town, in search for a better town. But as the chase ends, Shelly shoots the sherrif and they run off.