What is Manga?

Manga is the Japanese word for comics. It is used in the English-speaking world as a generic term for all comic books and graphic novels that were originally published in Japan.

There are also manga books to learn how to draw step-by-step, which you can buy them in drawing or art stores.

How to draw manga?

Manga can be hard because you to draw the right structure of the face, arms and everything. But it needs pratice to do it. When I first drew manga it was really hard. But know I can draw it quickly and good. Sometimes I also having trouble of the arms and feet because you have to make right width and length.

Let me show you one of my drawings:

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As you can see that I wrote the date on it, so you can see how did you improve your drawing.  If you wanna see my whole drawing go to drawing on the top page.

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